Parking Lots

General Information

You are required to pay for parking during enforced hours. A valid CSUF semester hangtag parking permit or daily permit is required. You may purchase a daily permit for $8.00 at one of the permit machines located on campus or at any one of our Visitor Information Centers. See campus map.

Permit Machines

Daily permits may be purchased in Lots A, D, G, S, Arts Drive, and levels 2-6 of the State College, Eastside, and Nutwood Parking Structures during all hours in which permits are required. Daily permits are valid in all student lots and structures.

Click here for printable permit machine map.

I have a permit, where can I park?

I am a visitor to your campus. Where can I purchase a daily permit and where can I park?

The cost of a daily permit is $8.00.  Permit machines accept major credit cards except American Express. Daily permits may be purchased in Student lots: A, D, G, and S, as well as parking structures level 2 and above. Daily permits are also sold at the Visitor Information Centers (VIC). Daily permits are valid in student lots and parking structures level 2 and above. After 4:00 pm permits are valid in Fac/Staff CP-South lot. After 6:00 pm permits are valid in Faculty/Staff lots A-South, E-Fac/Staff, C-West, and C-East. See campus map.

I have purchased a student semester permit. Where can I park?

You may park in the student lots A, G, E, D, and S. You may also park in the Nutwood Parking Structure, the Eastside Parking structure, and the State College Parking Structure. This does not include the Resident Hall Lot nor the Resident Hall Structure. After 4:00pm, your permit is valid in Faculty/Staff CP-South. After 6:00 pm your permit is valid in Fac/Staff lots A-South, E-Fac/Staff, C-West, and C-East. See campus map.

I am a faculty member and have purchased a semester permit. Where can I park?

Faculty/Staff semester or Payroll Deduction permits are valid in Faculty/Staff lots A-South, C-West, C-East, E Fac/Staff, F, H, I, CP-South, Fullerton campus student lots and parking structures, Irvine campus Faculty/Staff and student spaces. See campus map.

Modified 10/9/2009